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Online Health Coaching for women looking to detox their mind, body and spirit!



Plan Includes
  1. Fat Burning/Toning Workout Videos for Home or Gym! (Minimum Equipment Required)

  2. Free Live Virtual Training M-F at 10am EST With Bfitness!

  1. Natural Supplements Recipes!

    1. Monthly Virtual Zoom Meetings for Health Coaching to Improve Physically and Mentally.

    2. And Customized Meal Plans!


Mental Health Coaching/Counseling

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Mediation Training

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Free Me Fitness Clients Before& After

These Ladies trained with fitness trainer Bfitness and got great results!

Client A: Lost inches from her back in less than 3 months!

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Client B: Lost over 30 pounds in 3 months.

Client C: Lost over 10 pounds and gain massive strength!

Client D: lost 19 pounds in 1 month and over more than 30 pounds over 3 months.

Client E: Lost over 20 pounds and toned up nice!

Client F: Really toned up glutes and waistline!


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Our Team


Bryant Robinson, Exercise Physiologist

Has Helped over 100 women lose weight!

Jamie Latendresse, RD

Customized Meals &Meal Plans.


/Vegetarian options

Jill Janiec

is a She is a spiritual coach, teacher, healer and mentor to many people of all ages in all areas of health, healing, body, soul and spirit.

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Frequently Asked Question

Bryant Robinson

Personal Trainer/Health Coach Exercise Science, BS

Freedom isn't Free, but if you work towards it can be!

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Training with Bryant | June 19, 2019

I started training with Bryant in late 2018 to tone up for my upcoming wedding. Little did I know that this man would not only succeed in toning me up, but he would push me harder to do things I never knew I was capable of. Bryant not only changed my physical health but allowed me to work on reducing my anxiety through our great workout sessions. After being out of the gym for 6 months (from someone who worked out daily), Bryant reminded me that being active is the start to a new lifestyle that I can enjoy. He mixes up the workouts each time, introducing new activities that target different muscle groups that I never thought I could have. Training with Bryant left me with new strength, skills, and energy that I could not ever gain without his help and motivation.

Bryant is the truth, and I am grateful for our training sessions in the future.

- Kesha S.

Training with Bryant | June 9, 2020

After doing Bryant’s 30-day online weight loss challenge I not only lost weight and gained strength but most importantly I feel better and have more energy. Doing my training online worked best for me because I was able to get my workouts in at my convenience, while still having the guidance and support of Bryant. He was always available for questions or concerns and even made changes to my workouts based on my feedback. The meal plan was easy to follow and something I can continue even after the challenge. I highly recommend Bryant for training! His knowledge and his passion for helping people is evident and so appreciated.

- Rachel


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