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Mental Health

Mental health is a very important topic that we tend not to take as serious as we should. People don't know that mental health can have a big impact on your physical health as well. For example when our brain gets what's called a "brain overload" and we continuously worry about things which leads to stress. Stress can alter your metabolism and make you lose or gain unwanted weight. Also, when your body is under chronic stress it releases a chemical called cortisol. In a cortisol stressed out body when food is consumed: digestion and absorption are compromised. Indigestion develops, and the mucosal lining of your stomach becomes inflamed and irritated which can lead to IBS(irritable bowel syndrome) and stomach ulcers.

If you are in need of any assists with dealing with your mental health ranging from anxiety to eating disorders visit: and contact Jaime Janiec, MA, LLPC for questions on counseling.